Village Bridges

Xin Chào! 

Hello & Welcome,

Village Bridges is a student-led organization committed to helping students of An Bằng Village-descent reconnect with our cultural heritage and navigate cultural pressures, and explore career options.


The term "global village" means a community brought together and reconnected by the internet. As a diaspora community of boat people, refugees, and immigrants, many generations of our villagers are spread all over the world. 

We aspire to help preserve and strengthen the An Bằng global village by sharing free college and careers resources directly to students from under-resourced backgrounds like our own. Our efforts are focused on mentoring high school and college students with roots originating from our small fishing village of An Bằng, Vietnam. 

Our Team

Village Bridges was started by several young An Bằng women to create resources and preserve our village history. 

As each of us steps into the next stage of life, we are committed to reaching back to uplift the next person.

Our Initiatives

Below are highlights of a few initiatives 

An Bang Professionals Database

Building a database across multiple generations of An Bằng students and professionals to help facilitate networking, bridge the generational gap within the community, and connect younger students to older role models.

In Collaboration with: An Bang Professionals Group

Combatting Mental Health Stigma

Advocating for mental health awareness through the development of free workshops and resources to destigmatize mental health within our village and broader Asian American communities.