Vietnamese Heritage & Cultural Organizations

Below are current organizations within the overseas An Bằng community. 

Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to get involved!

Village Bridges

Village Bridges is a student-led organization committed to helping students of An Bằng Village-descent navigate the process of college applications, financial aid, college transition, and career exploration. Our efforts are focused on sharing free college, hosting skills workshops, and leadership opportunities directly to students from under-resourced backgrounds like our own. We aspire to connect the younger generation to our collective An Bằng history, while helping each other navigate successful lives and careers as US citizens with An Bằng village roots.

An Bang Abroad Association

An Bang Abroad Association, founded by Dr. Long Le, serves as the umbrella for all An Bằng-related efforts and was formed after the successful inaugural An Bang Conference in July 2019 which reunited more than 4,500 Anbangers living abroad. It was a historical event that did not occur until after 40 years of diaspora settlement in the United States and other free nations. At this conference, the older generation shared the An Bằng Village history dating back to the 1500's, the beauty of our village, and the adversities experienced in integrating into a new society. The An Bang Abroad Association was formed to effectively continue this mission to preserve the An Bằng culture, bridge any generational gaps, learn and share knowledge, display our solidarity, and enjoy our heritage with one another. 

An Bang News

Anbangnews is a news organization, founded by Le Truc and managed by fellow Anbangers. The purpose is to share news about the An Bằng Village and diaspora community throughout the world. The majority of the news articles are written in Vietnamese, but many are bilingual to increase the reach to younger An Bằng generations. Although the people of An Bằng village are geographically spread all over the world, Anbangnews reports on breaking news to keep An Bằng people informed across oceans.

An Bang Professionals (ABP)

An Bang Professionals was formed by a group of An Bằng doctors in Orlando, FL and is currently led by Dr. Dustin Huynh. This group focuses on the mentorship and professional development of students and working professionals across many different fields and sectors. The ABP Group hosts many fundraising and networking events throughout the year, scholarship and cultural competitions, and more.